Shakes Hood: Exemplifying Japanese Precision

Advanced Technologies Meet Handmade Japanese Craftsmanship
Cycling is a precision sport where every detail matters. That’s why we’ve matched the finest injection molding techniques and sophisticated manufacturing accuracies with hands-on attention to detail you won’t find anywhere else. Every process, from shape molding to coloring, is created by hand right here in Japan. The reason is simple: Just like the perfect ride, creating perfection is not something that can be mass produced.

Ride Further, Faster and Longer than Ever Before
Functional improvements like lever technologies, gear ratios and even bike weight may have pushes riders further than ever before, but advancements in brackets hoods have largely been at a standstill. That’s why we’ve pushed the boundaries of innovation by reinforcing the delicate connection people and their bikes. The Shakes Hood helps provided much-needed support to achieve optimal and dependable braking and speed control not found anywhere else.

Incomparable Flexibility and Control
Lighter, faster and more in control; we’re all looking to take our riding capabilities to new heights. The Shakes Hood allows riders to choose their firmness based on personal comfort level while remaining extremely lightweight and durable. This gives you seamless grip control from the palm of your hands to the tips of your fingers, increasing the efficiency and comfortability of each and every ride.